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Aiming For Exclusive Technology

As inspection equipment of completed vehicles based on microcomputers and sequencer technology, we have developed a diversity of products including a headlight tester and a painted surface inspection device that make use of image processing technology, and an automotive computer inspection device via CAN-LIN communication.
Auto-related technology innovations such as EVs and automatic driving are advancing so rapidly they are being incorporated into specific schedules. In response to such technological advancements, we are boldly working on the latest technology and entering new fields in ouraim to acquire our own original technologies.
With the motto: “aiming for exclusive technology”, we are integrating the capabilities of machines, electricity and software to create products that customers can rely on now and in the future, and through this we aim to contribute to the realization of a comfortable and safe society.

Core Technology

Core technology making full use of Mechatronics

We have continued to be a pioneer in particular in inspection systems for vehicle headlights.
Our unceasing research has ensured that our systems are able to be used with the great diversity of headlight varieties which have emerged in recent years (such as high-intensity discharge, LED, and pulsing lights).
Our technology is also put to use in the inspection of all manner of products, such as surface inspections of painted car bodies using a variety of cameras (color and monochrome) and unique lighting systems.
Our greatest strength is our ability to use our core technology to create integrated systems, from software and hardware (mechanical/electrical) design through to production.
Quite simply, we make full use of mechatronics to meet client needs.

  • Auto body inspection technology

    Auto body inspection technology

    Highly sensitive CCD cameras and proprietary lighting unit designs able to support all manner of shapes achieve stable imaging.
    The images are then analyzed with specialized image processing, detecting any body defects or paint unevenness.

  • Headlight inspection technology

    Headlight inspection technology

    Light projected 10 and 25 meters away per legal requirements is recreated with a specially designed compact, high precision unit. A highly sensitive CCD camera records the light, which is then analyzed using proprietary arithmetic processing to accurately detect cutlines.

  • Flexible hardware design technology

    Flexible hardware design technology

    Our flexible hardware design and production technology is compatible with all manner of design environments. From gate type to self-propelled and elevation systems, we design equipment according to on-site needs. We also provide integrated production of equipment requiring highly precise positioning down to the millimeter level.

One-Stop Service

Work processes spanning from design to after-sales service

From design to production, delivery and after-sales service, we perform all of these processes ourselves, enabling us to manufacture products according to your needs.
Using and applying our unique technologies, we have created an environment enabling us to propose and provide better products.
We have established knowledgeable specialist teams across various fields,which provide services spanning from production to after-sales service.

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Proven technology extending throughout the world

Contributing to a wide range of unique technologies throughout the world

Making use of experience gained in a wide variety of fields over many years, we have been cultivating skills that can be applied to product development.
We have developed a wide range of new technologies in recent years, and their ultimate applications and objectives are becoming world standards.
We are constantly considering how to contribute to the latest technology not only here in Japan but also overseas, and have provided products that satisfy customers.