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Message from the President by obtaining certification as an excellent
health management company

We, Otsuka Mechatronics has been awarded as a corporation with excellent health management under the “Corporations with Excellent Health Management” promoted by the Ministry of Economy.
At Otsuka Mechatronics, we consider the health of each and every employee, as well as the health of their families, to be important, and have taken various initiatives to ensure this.
Specifically, the company has supported employees to lead healthy and fulfilling lives by providing training on mental health, organizing company events where employees can bring their families,and introducing remote working to allow employees to work flexibly.
I would like to thank all our employees for their understanding and cooperation with our health management on a daily basis, which has made it possible for us to receive the Certification.
Otsuka Mechatronics will continue to further promote initiatives related to health management so that all employees can lead healthier and happier lives.
Certification as an excellent health management organization is a big step for us, but we do not want this to be our goal, and we want to be a company that constantly pursues the wellbeing of its employees.

March, 2024
President Makoto Okawauchi